Archives: The blue Archives box at the right side of the page provides quick access to all articles published on this site in a particular month.

Browse: In addition to Archives and Categories, there are two ways to browse articles:

  • By Date: Click a date on the calendar and all articles published on that day will be displayed. Only dates that appear in color contain articles. Hovering on the date will display article titles.
  • By Keyword: Type one or more words to search for. Entering Spirit will give you all articles in which that word appears. Entering Holy Spirit will return all articles containing either or both of those words. Entering “Holy Spirit” (with the quote marks) will give you only articles which use that exact phrase.

Categories: Each article on the Home page is assigned to a category when it is first published. Categories are a simple way of grouping similar articles so they can be found more easily as the number of articles published grows. For example, to browse the church service videos available on the site, click the Worship Services category in the blue Categories box on the right side of the page.

Clicking the Worship Services category name at the bottom of a particular article, however, will take you to a list of all articles published in WordPress (the organization that provides the tools to publish the Ebenezer site) that contain the phrase, “Worship Services.” Ebenezer Lutheran Church is not responsible for the content of articles published on sites other than

Legibility: If the text is too small to read comfortably, use the Zoom feature of your browser to blow up the page. Some browsers allow you to zoom the text only, while leaving the graphics unchanged. Be aware that zooming the text only might cause text to overlap the graphics.

This site uses a “fixed width” layout, so elements will not jump around when you resize the window. Your browser will simply add a horizontal scroll bar across the bottom if you make the window too narrow to accommodate the entire width of the layout.

Links: When a word or phrase in an article looks like this, it comprises a link to another resource like a document or web site. Clicking the link will open that resource. If you hover on the link first, a few words will pop up giving you a clue as to what the link does. Most links will open in a new window. If you are watching a church service video where the order of service is printed in the bulletin, you can click the Today’s Bulletin link, move and size the new window to your liking, and then follow along in the bulletin while you watch the video in the main window. Use the same procedure to read along in Today’s Readings.

Most text documents on this site are PDF files, so you must have Adobe Reader installed to view them.

Links for Living: This box contains links to external sites that readers might find helpful or interesting. Poke around and see what you find!

Live Broadcasts: We live stream most of our Sunday and weekday evening services. A Worship Services post will appear on the Home page at 1 a.m. the day of the service. It will contain an embedded player for Ebenezer’s Ustream “show.” Ustream is the organization that provides the streaming capability. When we are not broadcasting live, the bar at the bottom of the player will say Off Air, and a slide show of still photographs will play. When it is time for the service to begin, the status in the bar will change to On Air, and you should be able to see and hear the live feed. If there is no live video or if it stops, try clicking the Refresh button on your browser.

If you want to access the stream directly from Ustream’s web site, search for our show name: ebenezer-live2.

After the service has ended, the live stream player will be replaced by a recorded video of the service as soon as it can be uploaded. Sometimes you’ll see the video within a couple of hours and other times it might not be posted until the following day, so if you see the live stream player – or no player at all – displayed after the service has concluded, check back later. Most videos take at least an hour to upload, and sometimes glitches occur and we have to start over, so please be patient.

Ustream does not charge for its service, but does display advertisements during our broadcasts. Sometimes there will be an X somewhere on the ad, and clicking it will close the ad immediately. Other ads cannot be closed, but they all will disappear fairly quickly if you take no action. We know these ads can be quite intrusive and we apologize for that. If you find any objectionable material in them, please report it to us. Ustream does offer a Premium Membership that viewers can purchase for a small monthly fee. If you purchase the Premium Membership, ads will not appear when you watch any Ustream broadcast, including Ebenezer’s. To sign up, go to the Ustream web site. Ustream does offer broadcasters the option of going ad-less, but unfortunately it is very expensive at this time.

We generally live stream weddings and funerals only if the family requests it.

Newsletters: Congregational newsletters can be accessed through the Newsletters sidebar on the right side of the page. Click on the month you want, and the newsletter will open in a separate window.

Videos: We use the VideoPress feature of WordPress to embed recorded videos of services after the live stream has ended. Since our storage space on VideoPress is limited, we will be deleting older videos as necessary to free up space for the new ones. If you would like a DVD or file of a video that is no longer available online, please contact us.

If you have a problem with the site, please send us a note and we’ll do our best to fix it.


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