Every Day – Rejoicing in the Lord

“Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” – Luke 10:20

Rejoice – it is an invitation repeatedly offered in the Bible. It is something I want for my life, yet, it is hard to do, especially when so many things work to rob me of it.

Rejoice – it is what the disciples did when they returned from their travels. Jesus had commanded them to go and do some amazing things in his name. As they reported back to him what they saw and accomplished, they were filled with joy.

Rejoice – it is what I do when I see similar blessings in my life. There is joy in knowing the Lord. There is joy in being committed to his will. There is joy in what I do in his name.

Rejoice – it is what I would like to do all the time. Unfortunately, too often I see my joy wane. It is difficult to rejoice when dull routine overtakes me. It is hard to rejoice when obedience becomes tedious. It is even more challenging to rejoice when blessings succumb to challenges, disappointments, and failures.

Rejoice – it is what Jesus reminded his disciples to do, not because “the spirits submitted to them, but because their names were written in heaven.” It is a reminder I daily need. Regardless of what I do, or see, or accomplish, regardless of what challenges try to rob of my joy, I can always rejoice. My joy comes from the Savior who rescued me. My joy comes from the Lord who provided for my release from sin’s dreadful judgment. My joy comes from Jesus who defeated death and the grave, and destroyed the tyrannical grip of the devil. Through his precious work he has even provided the guarantee that my name is written in heaven.

Rejoice – it is what I can do, not because of the things I have done. It is what I can do because of the great things Jesus has done for me.

Prayer: O blessed Jesus, I thank you for making me yours. I especially thank you for the joy and blessing of heaven. Keep me in your loving care until I receive what you have secured for me. Amen.


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