You’ll Never Over Eat at this Feast!

Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. – John 6:35

Students in our communities and across our land are graduating from high school and college. With graduations come receptions and celebrations. With receptions and celebrations comes food. Often times, lots of food. So if you have several receptions to attend in one day, you have to pace yourself, so you don’t eat too much food at one time or in one place – or in several places – and end up moaning at the end of the day, “Why did I eat so much?!”

At other times and in other places, the opposite can be true. The challenge is not limiting food intake from an abundant supply; the challenge is supplying nourishing food with limited resources. The question at the end of the day is not, “Why did I eat so much today?” The question is, “What am I going to eat tomorrow?”

Both of these situations, taken together with today’s passage, help us put things in perspective. There are parallels between the need for physical nourishment and the need for spiritual nourishment. Without nourishment we quickly grow weak and die. What a joy, therefore, to know that Jesus is the bread of life! What a joy to know that those who come to him and believe in him will never be hungry or thirsty! Jesus is our spiritual food. Jesus is our spiritual nourishment. Jesus is our spiritual and eternal life!

When you gather around the table with Jesus, when his word is your spiritual nourishment, there is no question about the supply. His grace is infinite. His love for you is never-ending. Today and every day you are a perfect and holy child of God, bought with the blood of Jesus. Because Jesus is your bread, there is always hope, always comfort, always strength, always life.

And there is no danger of over-eating. You don’t have to pace yourself so you don’t end up groaning with regret at the end of the day. People who come to Jesus and believe in him will never moan, “Why did I eat so much?!” They will exclaim, “God is so good!”

God’s people eat and are satisfied, perfectly satisfied – in Jesus.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, Bread of Life, thank you for providing all that I need for body and life, for time and eternity. Bless me as I look to you and your word. By that same word, impact the lives of others. To your glory. Amen.


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