There is Only One Way to Look at It

All mankind will see God’s salvation. Luke 3:6

“That’s the problem with modern art, You can’t always see what the artist envisioned.” I said as I visited the new section of the St. Louis art museum. Margaret and I readily admitted the deftness of the artists to create their work. Both also agreed the works were bold and thought-provoking. Still, they couldn’t come to a consensus on what some of the pieces portrayed. I finally conceded. “I guess the meaning is in the eyes of the beholder.”

While there are many places where this may apply, one area it never will apply is with God’s plan of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Certainly there are many who believe they can envision a plan of salvation which is acceptable to them. But how does their concept compare with what God has revealed in his Word? The truth is inescapable. It is written, “All mankind will see the salvation of God.” Although God the Father has gone to great lengths to reveal his Son, why do so many fail to see Jesus as the source of God’s salvation?

By nature all people are blind to the true God and everything he does for our blessing. Because of this natural blindness, it is impossible for me to see God’s gift of salvation. It is only through his undeserved love, the power of the gospel, and the work of the Holy Spirit that I can see what God has revealed. Through God’s precious work, I see Jesus as my Savior from sin. He has washed me and cleansed me from every guilty stain. I also see Jesus as my Redeemer from the fear of death and the grave. He has paid the awful price to release me from the never-ending punishment I deserved. I even see Jesus as my unshakable hope. He has given me the never-failing promise of life with him in heaven.

This is what God prepared for all mankind to see, and what he in love revealed through his Son, Jesus Christ. How blessed I am when I clearly see what God has revealed to me through my Savior.

Prayer: O blessed Lord, I thank you for revealing your Son to me as my Savior. I also thank you for the gift of faith to see him and put my trust in him. Keep my eyes ever fixed on Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of my faith. Amen.

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