Jesus is Really Down to Earth

Then Jesus told them many things in parables saying, “A farmer went out to sow his seed.” – Matthew 13:3

Jesus regularly used common, everyday pictures to teach precious lessons. One day he used the picture of a farmer who was sowing seed in his field. It was a familiar picture, but not everyone who heard it appreciated the lesson.

There are three points to which I need to give my attention. The first is the seed. It is the Word of God. It is sent through sowers to be planted in my life and in the lives of others. It is a good seed, and as the Lord promises, “it will always achieve the purpose for which he sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

Looking ahead to a second lesson, there will always be a harvest. It may be a good, rich harvest. It may be something less. Sometimes there will be no harvest, but it is not because of bad seed.

This leads to the third lesson, or the main point of the parable, which is the ground. The lesson is direct. As the ground, Jesus wants me to understand how I hear and what I do with his Word is critical. The picture he adds of the weeds, rocky soil and the road should make me aware of the obstacles I will have to face. Not only does the devil want to deceive me with his lies, he also wants to choke the Word out of my life. His purpose is to harden my heart and close my ears to Jesus life-giving Word.

Because I daily face these challenges I need to stop, look and listen. This was Jesus’ exhortation, “He who has ears, let him hear” (Matthew 13:9). I need to give my full attention to his Word, and gladly hear and learn it. In this way I will be good ground and the message of the seed will take root in me. The end result will be a rich harvest. I will be certain of Jesus’ full and free forgiveness. I will rejoice in a life of service he sets before me. I will also find peace in his presence and in his never-failing love.

Jesus used the relationship between seed, ground and harvest to make me cherish the precious nature of his Word. My sincerest desire is that he opens my ears and prepares my heart to receive the life-giving seed of his Word. I also pray that he makes me into fertile, rich soil which produces a rich harvest to his glory.

Prayer: Blessed Lord, sow the seed of your Word in my life. Cause it take root and grow. Then, make it produce a rich harvest of good works offered to your glory and in return for your precious love. Amen.


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