Who Am I?

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. – Galatians 3:26-27

“Who am I?” Perhaps you have seen a movie where the main character wakes up with amnesia and cannot remember who he is or what he is supposed to be doing. The movie follows the character as he tries to make sense of his life and tries to learn the truth about who he is. The amnesia gets the character into all kinds of trouble and deprives him of peace as long as he cannot remember his identity. His life becomes a never-ending quest to find out the truth about who he is.

As Christians we often forget who we are also. Who we are is pretty amazing. In Galatians chapter 3 Paul reminds us that we are all sons of God. That means we are loved by our heavenly Father. That means we have been brought into his family through baptism and have been made heirs of eternal life. It means that we are saved and on the way to heaven where we will live forever. It means we are called to be just like our Savior Jesus.

At times, doesn’t it appear that we are suffering from amnesia? With each sin we forget who we are. Each hurtful word spoken to another, every lustful or greedy impulse, and every time we rushed head-first into temptation demonstrate that we have forgotten who we are – who God has called us to be. Each sin brings trouble, pain and frustration into our lives and ought to bring eternal destruction with it.

Dear friends in Jesus, remember who you are! You are a blood-bought child of God! You are forgiven for all of your sins. Through your baptisms you have been wrapped up with Christ. You belong to Jesus and his holiness covers you from head to toe. Wear that righteousness proudly! Always remember who you are in Christ and be whom Christ has called you to be!

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, forgive me for my moments of spiritual amnesia. Wash away all of my sins and cleanse me by the blood of Jesus. Help me and empower me by the Holy Spirit, that I may always remember who I am – a loved, forgiven and saved child of God. Lead me to live a life that reflects who I am. Amen.

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