Even in Prison We Can Find Joy!

All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesar’s household. – Philippians 4:22

The apostle Paul was innocent of any wrongdoing. Yet he was arrested and imprisoned, even faced possible execution all because he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. Did he complain? Was he filled with self-pity? Did he doubt God? No. He rejoiced! He was filled with joy because he saw God’s purpose for him. The Lord had put him where he was at that very moment in time. And God always has a reason wherever he leads his children. Paul illustrates one of those reasons in these words near the end of his letter to the Christians in Philippi: “All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesar’s household.” Yes! It’s a joy story. A Christian bearing the good news about Jesus finds in his imprisonment, not sorrow, but purpose. He was a missionary who discovered a new field into which God’s gospel could be sowed for a harvest of souls – and this field reached into the home of the pagan emperor of Rome.

Think what that means for you! Look around you. Maybe you’re in a stressful work environment. Maybe you’re a person who is surrounded by unfriendly neighbors. Maybe you’re just one Christian in a family of unbelievers! God has placed you right where he wants you to be at this very time for a specific reason. Look around you again! See God’s purpose for your life. Open your eyes and ears, and when the time is right open your mouth and speak. Tell those people around you what Jesus has done for you and also for them. Watch with expectation the power of that message which can change those who are dead in their sin and unbelief into those who are spiritually alive in Christ.

The joy of our lives is Jesus. He is our Savior who sacrificed his life that we may live forever with God. This joy is so wonderful that we want others to share it with us. So we look for opportunities that God gives us to tell our joy stories of Jesus!

Prayer: Lord, it is your will that all come to a knowledge of the truth. Use me to bring the message of salvation to people so that they may be brought to saving faith in Jesus. Help me be your witness even under difficult circumstances. Amen.


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