Full of Grace

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen. – Philippians 4:23

Again and again in this letter, Paul exhorts us to rejoice. No matter what the circumstance in our life, he teaches us to “rejoice in the Lord always (4:4).” The source of our persistent joy is the grace of Jesus. Though deserving to be separated from God forever because of our sin, Jesus came to rescue us from the horror of hell. He shed his precious blood to provide full payment for all our sins. Through him we have the free gift of salvation from eternal condemnation and rejoice in the sure hope of heaven!

The grace of Jesus sustains us every day. He is always with us. He guards us from harm and danger; he strengthens us against temptation; he assures us of his unfailing love; he supports us with his faithful promises; he hears us when we call on him in prayer; he comforts us with his forgiveness, and he leads us ever closer to the culmination of his eternal plan for us – to be with him in glory.

We can rejoice always because the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is with us.

Amen – This is certainly true!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, fill me with your grace. Lead me to praise you for your great love in saving me and your undeserved favor in sustaining me. Amen.


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