I Want to Hold Your Hand

“I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand.” – Isaiah 42:6

“I wanna’ hold your hand.” Remember that Beatle’s tune? We appreciate a personal touch. But in this verse of the Bible from Isaiah, the picture isn’t so much of romantic lovers, but of the parent who is taking the child by the hand. Can you picture it? The parent along with the toddler needs to cross the street, so the parent takes the toddler by the hand, guiding and protecting.

Surprisingly, in our Bible reading, the picture is that God the Father is the parent, and it’s Jesus’ hand which is being held. It reminds us that Jesus – the true God – became truly human, with our human weaknesses and needs. And so God the Father guided him, protected him, indeed, “held his hand” as he walked Jesus through life and finally to his death on the cross. The Father was guiding, protecting and holding his Son through it all.

But to what end? It was all for YOUR benefit, and MINE! It was all so that forgiveness and eternal life could be won for YOU and for ME! The Father held the hand of the Son, guiding him, directing him, caring for him, but ultimately with your interests in mind.

Now God the Father, because of the work of his Son, can look at you and say, “I wanna’ hold your hand, too.” And he does!

Prayer: Lord, I am encouraged to know that I can count on you for help in my life. Take my hand and lead me. Give me the assurance that as your child by faith in Jesus, you are guiding me through every circumstance and pointing me on my way to heaven. Amen.

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